On September 26, 2013, over 55 brands and 1200 people came together to experience the 3M ThinkTANK.  The ThinkTANK was an effort by 3M to open our doors to other successful companies to create a shared, collaborative learning experience around What’s Next in social and digital engagement.  Here are the videos of the event and the decks if they are available. Enjoy!

Welcome & Tim McElroy


Keynote: Brian Solis


FOCUS: Susan Emerick 


FOCUS: Chuck Hemann

Presentation Deck


FOCUS: Paul Fox

Presentation Deck


FOCUS: Jeremy McKinley

Presentation Deck (Coming Soon)


FOCUS: Mason Nelder 


Keynote: Lisa Pearson 

Presentation Deck


3M ThinkTANK Panel Discussion


Keynote: Philip Sheldrake

Presentation Deck


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