Greg Gerik
Biographical With over 11 years of experience working with digital and technology companies, Greg currently serves on the board of several start-up firms and as Vice President of Industry for a digital marketing technology company.  He previously served as a digital leader for the Global eTransformation Team at 3M. Accomplishments at 3M include data analytics and the first interactive PGA tournament. Before moving to this role, he was the Global Lead for the 3M Consumer & Office Business working with brands such as Post-it®, Scotch® and Nexcare™.  He also holds a law degree from Michigan State University College of Law and a Communications degree from Texas A&M University.
Mar 8th, 2016 | written Greg
The last few years I have done recaps and preparation guides for SXSW and a few people have commented they were insightful and helpful, so I thought I would provide an update for this year
Sep 5th, 2015 | written Greg
Empower Employees for Success
Sep 3rd, 2015 | written Greg
  A good friend of mine recently made a comment about the 20ish age of some of the co-founders of another start-up. The point he was making is that they are successful and will have
Jun 12th, 2015 | written Greg
Article: Digital Measurements: Lost In Translation, by Greg Gerik
Jun 8th, 2015 | written Greg
The IoT rage in a lot of ways reminds me of the “Big Data” craze of 2013-2014. You can find mentions of IoT in just about every tech blog and marketing conference. Wearables! iBeacon technology!
Jun 7th, 2015 | written Greg