At this year’s Social Shake-Up I had the opportunity to sit down with authors Susan Emerick and Chris Boudreaux to discuss their new book, The Most Powerful Brand on Earth.  This book will make my top 10 Good Reads for the year, and not just because I’m a contributor. Many books on the market today are light on content and have little value other than to position the author(s) for another speaking engagement.  This book counters the norm by offering concrete ideas, proven successful tactics and the framework and roadmap that others have used to energize their brands.

The Most Powerful Brand on Earth emphasizes that “social [marketing] is about relationships and building trust. That is the vantage point that is going to bring about the biggest business outcomes,” Emerick says. The Most Powerful Brand on Earth provides organizations with step-by-step instructions for implementing social media engagement. “I want to see more content around how to actually do something, there is a real need for how to get things done, detailed and specific. That is what this book does,” Boudreaux says.

What Susan and Chris do so well is make the complex social relationship framework approachable and easily understandable.  If you enjoy this video, you will definitely want to pick up a copy of their book. Enjoy!


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