At the beginning of the 3M ThinkTANK last Thursday, I challenged each and every attendee to open their minds and put away the obstacles, the challenges and the roadblocks that get in the way.   The purpose of ThinkTANK was to create an experience that opened new horizons and inspired each person to reach beyond their perceived limits.  The event was centered around the horizon of digital engagement with the theme of, “What’s Next?”

As I prepared to craft this recap of the event, I realized the experience we created could not be constrained to a blog post.  The moment we created will live in September 26, 2013- not today.  As such, I think the best way to recap the event is to pick some of the best tweets from each talk during the event.  In the next few days we’ll release the decks and videos of the event as well and I will update this post with links. Additionally, I’ll have features on each speaker in the next few weeks.

If you attended the event and have questions, comments or ideas for future events, please leave a comment below.  If you were unable to make it but have some ideas of what you would like to see in future events, I welcome your thoughts as well.

Brian Solis


Susan Emerick

Paul Fox

Jeremy McKinleyJeremyMcKinley

Ragy ThomasRagyThomas1

Mason NelderMasonNelder_Amazing

Lisa PearsonLisaPearson1

Philip SheldrakePhilipSheldrake


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