This has been a particularly tough week at work. We have had a lot of projects, planning and vendor meetings converge. Wednesday night when I went home I could not stop thinking about some of the challenges and opportunities that are ahead in 2013. Just before I went to bed I decided this was unacceptable and can not continue. Something had to change.

Thursday morning I was looking at a slide deck for a presentation next week and I recalled the philosophy by a friend of mine, Adam Kmiec: Return on Amazing. My mind drifted to “What if we concentrated on the Amazing parts of what we are accomplishing instead of the challenges?”

All too often we get tunnel vision on the obstacles, challenges and projects that are not moving at the speed or pace we would like. We focus on the negative and completely bypass all the positive, incremental changes that happen slowly around us. If we fail to recognize and remember all the positive growth we will get mired in a negative focus that will never lead anywhere good.

Thursday morning I told my Facebook friends I was going to find 10 Amazing things that happen during the day and let them know what those things were as they happened. The result of the day was quite surprising. I had no idea what was in store for our team.

Amazing Thing #1: GREAT coffee. For some reason, the coffee just tasted better Thursday. As the day progressed, the Amazing moments were not always easy to find, but the number of Amazing moments didn’t matter. It wasn’t the Amazing moments that was the change on our team, it was the focus on finding them throughout the day that elevated our game.

By the end of the day not only did I have my 10 Amazing things, but we created a whole program around this internally for our team. No set rules, no set limit. If you see something Amazing, share it on a Post-it note on our Wall of Amazing. After we accumulate a certain number, we will have a group outing and take the Amazing notes with us to review and discuss – and have fun.

I’m on vacation this weekend but when I get back to work next week I am looking forward to all the Amazing things we have in store. That is the best way to start the week. I would encourage everyone to try this out at least once and just look for 5 Amazing things during your day. You will be amazed at the things you see. What makes your day Amazing?


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